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If you need the very best in Oregon bankruptcy law, the legal team at Gunn & Gunn Attorneys will give you the representation you need. We will work with our clients to ensure they get the necessary relief they need from the burden of debt. If you are a Salem, Oregon resident currently in need of debt assistance, or if you live in Marion and Polk Counties, contact the law firm of Gunn & Gunn. If you have any questions about how bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start, call our office and meet with one of our attorneys to review your individual situation. Don’t wait to take the next steps to regaining financial independence.


The object of a bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13) is to rid the debtor of debts. Debts (i.e. bills) can be either dischargeable or non-dischargeable. Debts that are non-dischargeable “survive” the bankruptcy. Fortunately, most debts are dischargeable. However, whether a debt can be discharged depends upon not only upon the type of debt, but also the type of bankruptcy filed. Because each case is different, an individual assessment of your financial situation is the only way to know how a bankruptcy will impact you. That is not something you are going to find doing research online, but comes only after meeting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at our office.

Bankruptcy officially begins upon filing of a petition with the United States Bankruptcy Court. The petition requests that the Bankruptcy Court grant the debtor “relief” from the debts. The bankruptcy petition request for relief of the debts. Along with the petition the debtor is required to file various “schedules”. These bankruptcy schedules list of all creditors (debts), list all property, detail household income and expenses, claim exemptions, and the debtor’s financial affairs. The Petition and Schedules are signed under the penalty of perjury, declaring that the debtor has accurately listed all of the debtor’s assets and all of the debtor’s liabilities and has truthfully disclosed the debtor’s financial affairs.

Obtaining a “fresh start” and obtaining relief from over-burdensome debt is the promise of a bankruptcy case. However, the rules and conditions to obtain the fresh start can be complex and technical. Bankruptcy is not something you should do on your own. Instead, give us a call and hire the best bankruptcy attorneys in the Salem area.


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